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Polish at home

10 module online course dedicated for everyone who lives in mixed families and wants to speak Polish to their partner, children or mother-in-law in Poland! First edition of this course starts in February!

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General Polish

All levels taught – from beginner to advanced; classes in conversation skills and preparation for national exams available.

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Travel to Poland

Going to Poland for holidays or for longer? This course will prepare you for this adventure! Learn the language and meet a culture before you will cross the border!



I have been Magda’s student for 2 and a half years, both face-to-face and via Skype and believe she is the sole reason my Polish has improved tremendously. Unlike other classes I have attended, I find Magda’s lesson plans follow a logical path making it easy for me to understand and ultimately retain the information. She has the rare ability to create conversations based on your skill level and her previous lessons, which enables you to practice and improve your spoken language skills. I have found this invaluable when attempting to converse with my in-laws. Magda has also tailored her lessons to suit my changing needs over the years, for example preparing for trips to Poland and attempting to bring up my daughter bilingually. I would recommend Magda as a Polish tutor to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Polish language skills

eliza - HomeEliza Moson, Brisbane, Australia

My wife is from Poland so I am very motivated to learn Polish. Before starting with Magda, I did group lessons and used self-guided books, but I never got too far. Magda’s program, specially the one-on-one classes are extremely useful. She customises her teaching to my needs, focusing on practicing speaking, which is exactly what I wanted. Magda is flexible to accommodate to my individual needs and provides a friendly atmosphere with a lot of encouragement. Polish language is challenging so getting the right support is very important, Magda provides this support extremely well

david - HomeDavid Alonso Caneiro, Brisbane, Australia

I had to learn the leading role in 3 weeks for Opera Australia’s new production of King Roger. I found Magda, god bless her!! We had a few sessions and after that I was able to sing this role in Polish. She has such a sensitive ear and great instinct as a language teacher. I was able to jump in straight away after 2 weeks with her. I’ve had so many coaches with so many other languages. She was one of the best. I highly recommend her as a language teacher.

eva - HomeEva Kong , opera singer